Home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

Home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

In this article, i will present a collection of home remedies for dry and frizzy hair, efficient remedies and easy to prepare. 

home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

Dry hair appears to lose luster and vitality, with split at its ends, and this may be the nature of hair of some people , except that dry hair may result from exposure to several external factors, or follow some habits that are harmful to hair and scalp.
Before being obliged to treat dry and frizzy hair, several methods must be followed to prevent Dry hair.

A-How to protect your hair from drying out :

Use a hair moisturizer :

Hair is generally prone to dryness, especially in summer, when it needs a moisturizer for dry hair from time to time. In order to maintain shiny and attractive hair, you should always use a moisturizer suitable for your hair, especially in times of intense heat.

Cover the hair as much as possible to protect it from the sun, bad weather, dust, etc. :

So it is better to cover the dry hair for prevention an dispense with using remedies for dry and frizzy hair.
Usually the sun loses its shiny hair and dries it, and even helps it to fall out, in addition to various weather factors such as dust, fumes and the like.

Avoid too hot water for washing hair :

When washing hair, it is recommended to use lukewarm water without too much heat, because the opposite leads to dry hair.

avoid frequent washing of dry hair :

Dry hair is often caused by frequent washing, and dry hair should be specially washed twice a week at most, unlike oily hair which can be washed daily.

avoid excessive use of the dryer and chemical dyes :  

The best way to dry the hair is the natural method or with a towel, because the use of a hair dryer increases the dryness of dry hair in the first place, and similarly with many chemical dyes which must be used in a way reasonable.

Massage the scalp when washing dry hair

When washing dry hair, it is best to massage the scalp with your fingers back and forth, helping to circulate blood and stimulate blood circulation to strengthen and nourish the hair.

Cut hair periodically

To protect dry hair, it is recommended to cut it periodically every month, month and a half, and the operation is associated with cutting dead hair which can affect the rest of dry hair.

Bath oil before washing your hair

To avoid drying the hair, an oil bath should be done several hours before washing (7 or 8 hours) before washing dry hair.

Don't use too much shampoo

Use the shampoo in a reasonable way, especially for dry hair, and keep it healthy and soft, and even in case of abuse, it is necessary to use lukewarm water with a little vinegar added to get rid of the hair shampoo completely.

balanced diet

Hair health is linked to the overall health of the body and any loss of certain substances in the body, such as vitamins and minerals, leads to dry and brittle hair. Minerals such as iron and calcium found in fish, red meat, liver, kidneys, etc., and vitamins like E, B and C available in fruits and vegetables.

Avoid stress and tension

These factors have a direct impact on the health of the body in general and on the hair in particular, so it is necessary to move away from it as much as possible.

regular sports activity :

Exercise for women has been shown to help nourish hair by stimulating blood circulation, which gives dry hair smoothness.

B-Recipes for dry hair :

Marjoram oil :

using marjoram oil is very beneficial for treating dry and frizzy hair.

We take a glass filled with olive oil and put it in the fire until it heated up without boiling point, then add two tablespoons of marjoram, then cover it and leave it for long enough until the marjoram interacts with the oil.

After cooling, filter, then massage well with the scalp and dry hair, and you put a bag on the hair to cover it, until the oil reacts with the hair.

In the morning, the hair is thoroughly washed with lukewarm water and shampoo with conditioner.
You get soft, shiny and attractive hair.

Marjoram vinegar:

It is a proven and effective recipe to remedy dry and frizzy hair.
We put a handful of marjoram in two cups of warm water (previously boiled), add a cup of apple cider vinegar.
These three elements are placed in a sealed bottle for a week, until oregano vinegar is formed.
After a week, take this mixture and put it on the dry hair and massage it, then put a bag on the hair and leave it for two hours, then wash the hair well with warm water and baby shampoo , then dry your hair well with a towel without pulling the hair out and gently, then you get fine hair.

Note: This mixture can be repeated every week or every two weeks, the persistence of the herbs generally giving the desired result.

Egg yolk with sesame oil :

Sesame oil is the famous using item on curing dry and frizzy hair. 
We crush the yolk of two eggs, then put two tablespoons of sesame oil on them and add to this mixture a spoon of honey.
Rub this mixture with the dry hair and leave it for one to two hours, then wash the hair thoroughly with water and medicinal soap, or shampoo, and dry it gently and without stretching.

Rosemary coconut oil :

Very important recipe to fight dry and frizzy hair; and give it a shine and smoothing.
We use equal amounts of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, rosemary oil and black cumin oil.
These oils are mixed with a tablespoon of each type, then apply them to the hair in the evening, then leave until morning and wash with lukewarm water, then dry them naturally. This recipe consists in strengthening and softening the hair.

Burdock :

It is one of the plants useful for treatment of dry and frizzy hair and giving it shine and shine.
50 g of burdock are prepared, put in a liter of water, then boiled in the fire for a quarter of an hour, then strain and leave until they become hot (in winter) or cool (in summer).
Then wash the dry hair with this boiling water (boiled burdock) and leave until the morning after natural drying, wash in ordinary fresh water without using soap, then dry it gently with a towel without pulling the hair.
This work is repeated once a week for a month.

Chamomile :

Chamomile, too, is used widely in treatment of dry and frizzy hair.
Dip a tablespoon of chamomile in a liter of hot water, and cover it for five minutes, then filter and wash the hair with these soaked frizz, then gently dry, giving the hair softness and a pleasant color

Roasted sesame with yogurt and mayonnaise :

We take a small cup of sesame, roasted on the fire, then crushed, and add to this powder a small cup of yogurt in addition to two tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix these quantities well until they become homogeneous mixture , apply well on dry hair, and leave this mixture on the hair for almost two hours, then wash the hair well to dry it naturally, you will feel the softness of your hair, with this mixture repeated once a week.

Note: A red henna can be added to the previous mixture, because it is good for the hair, and it also contributes to its smoothness, in addition to giving it a beautiful color.

Parsley leaves with Coconut :

recipe of parsley and coconut is using to repair dry and frizzy hair.
take a cup of water and boil over the heat, put a handful of parsley leaves and cover the pan for 10 minutes, then leave until it becomes hot, add to it (after filtration) two tablespoons coconut oil soup in addition to a spoonful of medical glycerin.
Mix this mixture then massage it into the scalp. We use this method two or three times a week. This recipe is useful for hair maintenance.

Olive oil with honey :

Olive oil is very useful for remedying dry and frizzy hair, because it is used to soften hair and also strengthen their follicles, which gives them strength.
In this recipe we use olive oil with honey as follows:
Two tablespoons of olive oil plus a small cup of butter and two spoons of honey, the above ingredients are well mixed in a container, then massage the dry hair with, and leave them for about two hours on the hair.
Then wash the hair well and dry it naturally.
Note: It is possible to use olive oil alone, by heating a small cup and do not leave it until boiling, but only heated, then massage the hair with and put a damp towel on it for 15 minutes.

Almond oil with honey :

Prepare two tablespoons of almond oil and two spoons of honey, mix well with this mixture and apply to dry hair, cover them for about two hours, then wash them, dry them naturally and repeat them two times a week and for a month.

Coffee with olive oil : 

The natural components of coffee has a positive impact on treating dry and frizzy hair.
In a recent study, German researchers pointed out that the caffeine found in coffee beans had a large amount of hair wall sensitive to the male hormone (testosterone) that causes hair loss, and the study showed that the placing caffeine directly on the hair instead of drinking protects against hair loss.
Before this study and others, and for a long time, women knew that coffee was placed on the hair to strengthen it and prevent hair loss, and when mixed with honey, it also works to soften it, so you prepare a spoon or two tablespoons of coffee, honey and olive oil (in equal amounts), mix these amounts and well and massage the hair with, and leave them on the hair for two hours, after which the hair is washed well, dried naturally, and this process is repeated once a week.

Note: It is best with these recipes to pay attention to a healthy breakfast and to eat daily the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals, which are available in fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as in fish (sea fish) and eat yeast, beer, lip, yogurt, all internally beneficial for hair growth and improvement.

Coconut oil :

Coconut oil is one of recommended natural remedies for dry and frizzy hair.
Bring a cup of coconut oil and set it on fire to heat it only, and do not leave to boil, then add two tablespoons of brewer's yeast (instant) and mix well.
Apply on the hair and leave it on dry hair for only 20 minutes, then wash the hair thoroughly, rinse and dry naturally without brushing.

Fenugreek and yogurt recipe :

Fenugreek is known by its benefits to treat dry and frizzy hair.
This recipe is suitable for dry hair caused by dyes and dryers
We take a small cup of ground fenugreek and a small cup of sweet yogurt.
Mix the two components well, then put them on dry and dry hair for two hours, then wash the hair with lukewarm water and dry it naturally, repeat the process twice a week for a month.

Triple Strengthening For Weak Hair :

Vinegar has an important role to remedy dry and frizzy hair.
Besides the apparent use of vinegar for hair care, start your day with this mixture:
1 cup of warm water ,
4 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar,
Black honey and raw honey.
This recipe helps to strengthen and nourish weak hair, and to get more nutrients, especially vitamins B, add a teaspoon of brewer's yeast as well as this recipe also works to thrive and strengthen the hair color.

Deep cleaning for hair :

Deep cleaning is a best way to treat dry and frizzy hair.
If you use a lot of hair care products such as gel, wax, mousse, etc., it is expected that the remnants of these products will accumulate in the hair and scalp, which makes you need to do a deep cleaning of the dry hair to get rid of the effects of these products.
wash the dry hair first with water and shampoo or a mild lotion with a scalp massage.
Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 4 cups of warm water and use as a final lotion for hair.

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